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Curtains up with our novelty knickers. Made from the luxurious and environmentally friendly milk silk fiber and sporting an elasticated waste band for secure fit.  

Showtime Novelty Underwear

Артикул: UND812SHO
В наличии всего: 1 шт.
  • - We recommend to gently wash in lukewarm water (Max 35°C) 

    - Do not twist or wring

    - Allow to dry naturally and do not tumble dry


  • Clothing is made from a variety of fibers, cotton, wool, polyester, silk, but did you know clothing can now be made from yarn derived from milk? Yes milk!

    Tons of milk deemed unsafe for consumption is disposed of annually. It is this waste that is turned to powder, heated and blended with other natural ingredients, then spun into yarn. The yarn is then woven into a silk-like cloth that is non-allergenic. Perfect for ladies underwear.

    Milk Silk is said to use only 2 litres of water, compared to the 20,000 liters of water that go in to the creation of one kilo of cotton. 

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