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Stand out from the crowd with these custom, hand dyed, Nike sports socks. Soft and comfortable. Multiple colours to choose from.


Select your colours and size from the options below and email/message to confirm your selections after checkout. Will then confirm all details before progressing with your order.


Please allow up to 7 DAYS from date of purchase as custom orders are made on demand.


Please note:

1. Price listed is per 1 pair of socks.

2. There may be slight colour variation due to different screen variations.

3. Due to the hand dyed nature of these socks, colours may run when washing. Please wash socks separately, inside-out and always on a COLD WASH.

Made from...

69% Cotton

28% Polyester

2% Elastane

1% Nylon

Nike Solid Block Tie Dye Socks.

Артикул: ANK58TSLD
  • This Sock: 63% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 2% Elastane


    Choosing a pair of comfortable socks is no easy task, you need to consider the occasion, season and durability. Different composition of materials account for different features of socks and durability. Below we have outlined the different compositions you may find within our sock range and their benefits. We hope this will help you to choose a style and composition that suits your needs.


    Cotton is a breathable fiber with moisture wicking properties, ensuring your feet feel less sweaty and comfortable. Cotton is also very good for sensitive skin or if you suffer from any allergies.

    Combed Cotton 

    Combed cotton is often softer than regular cotton which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. It is also more durable than regular cotton, dries easily, absorbent and has anti-odor properties. 


    Polyester is a strong synthetic fiber. It is a very resilient fiber and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It also fades less than cotton, is wrinkle resistant, hydrophobic in nature and quick-drying.


    Bamboo fiber has moisture wicking properties to keep the skin dry and comfortable. Bamboo material also offers anti-bacterial properties, repels odors and are very soft and lightweight.


    Many of our sock designs are blended with Nylon for durability and elasticity.


    Socks containing Elastane maintain their shape and have good elasticity and flexibility, making it a comfortable fit. It is usually found in the top part of socks in the cuff.  Elastane is often blended with other fabrics.

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